About me

Hi, I’m Katerina. Thank you for checking out my blog!

I am kind of obsessed with food. I like thinking about food, I like planning what to cook, I read cookbooks like others read novels. So, in a spur of self-indulgence unheard of for a twin mum, I’ve decided to indulge my food obsession by writing this blog.

(Obviously) I love to cook, bake and take photos. And it seemed to me that writing a blog about food adventures was a wonderful combination of all those hobbies. As I have a little family, I cook mostly healthy but what I hope is also delicious and fun food.

We are lucky in that none of us are allergic to any food but I like incorporating paleo, keto and gluten free recipes into our diet. We try to eat very little refined sugar (definitely the kids and I, my husband is a slightly different story). And we love our veggies!

But we are not strict, we like to try a little bit of everything (which I think is a great approach to anything).

We also love to travel and taste all the different local food. Macarons, baguettes, gnocchi, you name it, we’ll try it.

This blog is a record of some of the meals we’ve had and loved. I hope you and your family will also enjoy them! Please let me know how the recipes worked out for you, I’d love to connect with you.

Happy eating!

April 2019

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