My favourite podcasts (2019)

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This is going to be my final blog post for the year (and this decade!) and I thought I’d make it a different one (just because I can). So, let’s talk about podcasts!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that a few weeks ago I asked my followers for podcast recommendations. You see, I love listening to podcasts on my way to and from work. I have about 35 minutes in the car each way and I find that I learn so much from podcasts, I laugh, I get intrigued, I get inspired, I cry, I feel a lot of things. I love it. Podcasts have expanded my knowledge, shifted my mindset, relaxed me, have led me to interesting social media profiles and new connections, given me ideas for presents and low tox solutions for my home, awed me and impressed me and, most importantly, have taken me away from thinking about work and brought me into a space where I could focus, even for a little while, on things other than those in my day to day life.

And I’d love to share some of my favourites with you.

Armchair Expert (and WorkLife with Adam Grant)

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Armchair Expert is possibly my most favourite podcast ever. Dax Shepard is eloquent, funny, open and vulnerable and has interviewed a fabulous line up of his fellow actors, other celebrities but also scientists, psychologists and book authors.

Dax Shepard is also a prolific podcaster (he’s posted 169 episodes since 7 February 2018) and so, if you’re one of those people who likes to listen to a new podcast every 3 or 4 days, he’s your man.

One of the podcast episodes I was fascinated by lately was an interview with Adam Grant, an American psychologist and author specialising in organizational psychology. Adam also has his own podcast, WorkLife with Adam Grant, which is super interesting and all around fabulous.

If, like me, you’re interested in the psychology behind some of the phenomena we encounter in our work lives (such as networking for people who hate networking, whether following your passion in your career is a good idea, or the benefits in becoming friends with your rivals), then this episode and Adam’s podcast are for you. Absolutely eye-opening.

An amazing bonus provided with Adam’s podcast are the ads. This sounds strange but Adam has some fantastic sponsors (think Hilton and JP Morgan Chase) and instead of the usual ads, he features stories about interesting policies or initiatives from the sponsors. The one about Hilton’s “Thrive Sabbatical” program has been my favourite so far but they’re all interesting. (How good is this program, by the way!? I will totally be recommending this to my employer.)

If you’re a reader (like me), you may want to know that Adam has written a couple of books which are already on my to-read list: Give and Take (are you a giver or a taker, or should you be a little of both?), Originals: How Non-Conformists Change the World, and the children’s book he wrote with his wife: The Gift Inside the Box.

Court Junkie

Photo credit: The Court Junkie website

You may not know this about me but I am a commercial lawyer and I find the workings of other legal systems fascinating. In particular the American one, where there seems to be a lot of theatrics associated with trials.

I really enjoy listening to the Court Junkie podcast, which is always thoroughly researched and I find each episode truly interesting. The host, Jillian LP, clearly has a passion for the subject and covers trials of suspected rapists, murderers etc, all across the United States.

One of the more recent episodes I listened to was the Dan Markel murder episodes, which I found quite chilling.

This podcast does not come out too often, which is fair enough, given the amount of research it must take to prepare one of the hour-long episodes and I also find I can’t really binge on this podcast for too long given the topics. Still, a fascinating podcast which is really well done and I couldn’t recommend it enough if you’re into real crime.

Lox Tox podcasts

Talking Clean with Irene

Photo credit: Nourished Life website

This is a brand new podcast for 2019 (the first episode aired on 23 July 2019) and I am already in love. If you are keen to find out more about the details and back stories about businesses producing toxin free cosmetics, home cleaning products, zero waste and vegan products, and everything low tox (minus any fake green products), this is the podcast for you.

Irene Falcone, the host of the podcast, is an Aussie mum of four and runs the premier clean beauty website Nourished Life. I honestly love this website and shop there often, as Irene stocks only products whose ingredients have been properly checked and avoids any which might have harmful ingredients in them.

This podcast is a sort of an extension of the website, in that she features interviews with a lot of the fabulous organic businesses whose products she stocks. I love listening to the stories of how the businesses came to be, why we should choose their products over the supermarket ones, and what products the founders use themselves.

I will admit that I have been inspired to buy quite a few products as a result of listening to this podcast but I have been so happy with all of them that I really don’t mind. There is so much on offer online and in stores, that sometimes just a brief explanation of the benefits of a product and the philosophy of the company producing it will make all the difference to me. What can I say, I love a good story. And I am so glad that all these products are natural, aiming to minimise waste, use of plastic etc.

  • The first episode of this podcast led me to The Swag – an amazing Australian solution designed to keep your produce fresher for longer (it works!);
  • This podcast convinced me to quit perfumes and look into more natural scents;
  • This episode has led me to Jing, the amazing adrenal tonic from SuperFeast (and woohoo, SuperFeast also have a podcast of their own which is great!);
  • This podcast has introduced me to Axilla, a wonderful natural deodorant paste (which I have bought for myself and my loved ones and it’s a total game changer);
  • I had actually already purchased one of these wonderful probiotic cleaning products but after listening to this podcast understood properly the philosophy and science behind it;
  • This one has convinced me to give period undies a go (which should be great for me as well as the environment!) – and I am happy to do so through another Australian business ModiBodi which has a fabulous range of not only period undies but also swimwear, seam-free, products for teens and pregnant women in a range of lovely prints;
  • This podcast has led me to Natalie Portman’s favourite brand Pai (who make an amazingly popular rosehip oil which I can’t wait to try);
  • This one has explained the philosophy behind, and growing process for the ingredients used in, one of my most favourite natural beauty brand ever – Weleda; and
  • This one brought me to the wonderful world of Low Tox Life (more on this below).

So, if you’re interested in minimising toxins in your life, or at least want to have more information on this topic, give this brilliant podcast a go – you won’t regret it.

Low Tox Life

Photo credit: Low Tox Life website

Low Tox Life is a fabulous website and podcast run by Alexx Stuart, an Australian mum who has long been on a mission to live in a low tox way (of course understanding that in this day and age, it is impossible to live without some toxins in our lives).

As I noted above, I found out about Alexx’s work through the Talking Clean with Irene podcast, and I am ever so glad I did.

Initially I listened to a few amazingly interesting and eye opening episodes of the podcast, then I bought her book, downloaded her awesome DIY e-book and finally I did the Go Low Tox course earlier this year, which had given me a genuine wealth of information on low tox solutions in all aspects of living – everything from cosmetics, home, kids, clothing, bedroom, furniture, cooking, etc etc. The course comes with extensive online content, a membership to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with your fellow course members as well as live Facebook sessions. You can also win a bunch of products from various sponsors and you enjoy discounts from them throughout the course. A wonderful experience all around.

Ladies We Need to Talk

Photo credit: ABC website

This is an amazing ABC podcast hosted by Yumi Stynes, an Australian mum and media presenter, who discusses a lot of sensitive topics relevant to women. Yumi is eloquent and outspoken and has a wonderful relatable style which makes listening to this podcast pretty fun, though some of these topics are pretty serious. Just look through the list: alcoholism, bad sex, women who cheat, toxic mums, sexual assault, abortion, etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of these episodes, some of which have been performed in front of a live audience, and have felt educated, empowered and humbled by the fact that my life is pretty uneventful as far as the really bad stuff goes.

As a bonus, I have discovered that Yumi is a cookbook author and her inimitable style shines through in her cookbooks which showcase delicious food made with minimal effort. I have made several recipes from her cookbooks and they have all been fabulous.

Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

Photo credit: Apple podcasts website

I have only discovered this podcast recently – by exploring the PodcastOne offering (to which the Court Junkie podcast also belongs).

This podcast describes the last hours of celebrities and global icons and delves into the possible cause of their untimely deaths. It feels slightly sensational but it’s perfect for longer drives and I have enjoyed listening to the episodes about Patrick Swayze, Steve McQueen, Johnny Cash, and Farah Fawcett.

Dr Michael Hunter, the former SF chief medical examiner and current San Joaquin County first chief medical examiner, looks at various medical records, pathology results, scans, and evidence given by close friends or relatives and discusses what treatments may have worked, or what factors might have contributed to someone’s death. A little morbid but also fascinating.

And, if you live in the US, I believe you can also view the videos associated with each episode on Reelz.

No Bullshit Leadership

Photo credit: Your CEO Mentor website

This is a very interesting business podcast, in which its host, Martin Moore, provides practical advice to budding and experienced leaders. I like the guidance that Martin offers and have listened to his podcast on many occasions over the course of this year.

Martin, who has senior executive experience across a number a companies, is interviewed by his daughter Emma on the podcast which is fun.

If you like Martin’s style and would like some practical training, I have noticed that his website also offers an online intensive.

Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Photo credit: Happy Lawyer Happy Life website

This is the podcast that has started my podcast obsession a couple of years ago. I don’t listen to it so much anymore as I have discovered others since (and I only have so much time to listen to them) but it’s still a wonderful podcast which I thought deserved an honourable mention in this post.

Clarissa Rayward is a Queensland, Australia based mum and a family lawyer who runs her own firm. The podcast has featured a vast number of past and present solicitors, judges and barristers who talk about why they have enjoyed studying or working in the law and who describe their work, their joys and challenges in it. I have always found it fascinating that being a lawyer can mean so many different things to different people, and that no legal career is the same. This podcast is by no means only for lawyers, so feel free to give it a go, you may find it as interesting as I have.

A bonus list of other podcasts I enjoy

If you find the selection above interesting, you may also enjoy listening to these:

  • Simple Pin podcast: a fabulous resource to success on Pinterest, especially for bloggers. I love the practical tips and the free cheat sheet which you can download on the Simple Pin Media website.
  • Food Blogger Pro: when I was setting up my website, this podcast (and the Food Blogger Pro membership I had) was invaluable. A super interesting collection of interviews with fellow bloggers, all with different experiences. There is also a whole bunch of free resources you can get, if you’re not sure if you want to pay for access to the extensive video library (though if you’re just starting out, or your blog is your business, it may be a worthwhile investment).
  • Where Should We Begin – with Esther Perel: Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel is the New York Times bestselling author of The State of Affairs and Mating in Captivity. Each podcast features her interview with an unidentified couple and represents a super interesting rare glimpse into private psychotherapy sessions. Esther has a wonderful knack for getting to the root of the issue and listening to her is quite amazing.
  • Cook It Real Good: a podcast by Cassie Heilbron, an Australian food blogger based in Brisbane, is always a great listen. I have enjoyed her recent episode on cooking with kids and how to make edible Christmas gifts (so much fabulous inspiration).

So here is my list for 2019! I’m excited to see what 2020 brings. Tell me – do you listen to podcasts already, or are you inspired to give them a go? What podcasts do you enjoy most, and when do you listen to podcasts?

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This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means that if you click on an Amazon link in this post and purchase something, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you very much for your support.


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